Our hearts have been broken watching the devastation and affliction being unleashed on Afghanistan. It is important to remember that God has His people everywhere. Right now in that dark land there are children of light facing persecution and even martyrdom. We will not know them here but we will meet them at the throne of Jesus.

Like many of you, I have wondered in recent days what could be done. Our greatest weapon is prayer and fervent intercession can go where you and I cannot. I also believe it is proper for those of us who have lived in relative ease and prosperity to send to the relief of God’s people if it is within our power. 2 Corinthians 8:1-5 is a powerful example of the early church contributing to the relief of needy believers in other places.

A friend and fellow laborer in that part of the world has now made it possible for us to give with confidence to believers in Afghanistan. We are glad to have a part in this endeavor and would like to encourage you to prayerfully consider doing something. The following is information being shared by permission. Please direct all donations or questions using the contact information at the end of the article…

100% of the funds given will go directly to the need.

Years ago, we set up a nonprofit organization to meet needs just like this. Engage International will oversee the distribution of these funds without keeping any of it. We made the commitment that 100% of any money received is used to meet the need for which it was given. No percentage of any gift is retained by the organization for administrative costs. The administrative costs will come from other gifts designated for this purpose. Additionally, none of the finances personally benefit our family.

The funds will be used to meet the physical needs of Afghan believers.

Scripture provides several examples of believers meeting the needs of other believers in times of crisis. The funds received will be used to support Afghan believers in their time of need and for the advance of the gospel. Many of the believers in Afghanistan are greatly struggling in the sudden takeover by the Taliban. A fragile nation has become even more unstable and volatile. Coming to the capital city of Kabul, many believers are seeking refuge there with their families, rather than risk living in the unstable conditions of their villages.

Your gift will provide material needs for believers who are trying to figure out how to survive the days ahead. Many have been forced to flee their homes, leaving behind everything they own. Currency has devalued and access to banking has been limited. Some believers have lost their jobs simply because their views do not line up with those in authority in their new reality. In the days ahead, many will be the objects of targeted violence because of their service to the Lord over the years. These funds will be used to provide food, basic living expenses, and rent for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The funds used for Afghan believers also advances the gospel.

Your gift will have a direct affect on the advance of the gospel. Many of the local Afghan believers stay when all the foreigners are forced to leave. I have heard reports of believers making the deliberate choice to stay when given the opportunity to leave. This is faith. The believers will multiply. The believers will be obedient. The gospel will spread because that is what happens when the gospel is shared. Through your gift, you will have a direct part in that reward.

The funds are going through trusted channels.

Having visited Afghanistan twice, God has allowed me to personally meet some incredible western missionaries who have served in Afghanistan for many years. They are passionate, faithful, and proven. Additionally, I have had the great privilege of meeting some of the Afghan believers those gospel workers have led to Christ. What God is doing in this land is absolutely stunning!

The funds must be given with the understanding that we will probably never be able to provide pictures.

As much as we would like to be able to provide pictures of the people whom we are helping, this will absolutely not be possible. Here are several reasons why…

■ Exploitation. In our years of work with Syrian refugees, we learned that many in their situation feel exploited by the fact that “help” comes with strings attached. Outsiders come in, take their photos and then leave, with no tangible benefit to the ones being photographed. These are not nameless, faceless people. They are fellow believers who are in great need. We must give just because we have been blessed for that very purpose. We are blessed to be a blessing.

■ Security. The security situation for these believers is extreme and there is great risk to those involved in helping get the resources to where they are needed. Providing actual pictures of families we help or the workers exponentially increases that risk.

The funds must be accompanied by fervent prayer.

Money is helpful but prayer is better. Where our money goes, our hearts will follow; and, conversely, where our hearts are, our money will be invested. While many believers are struggling financially, what is most needed are the prayers of their western brothers and sisters. We must pray for God to strengthen them, to provide for them, and to use them in the spread of the light of the gospel in this dark land.


Electronic donations can be made online at crescentadvance.com


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