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The Lord was with Joseph – Study Guide

The Lord was with Joseph – Study Guide

Shipping Early 2024!

This Bible study guide is designed to be used as a companion to the full-length book, The Lord Was With Joseph. The greatest thing anyone could say about your life is that the Lord was with you. This 38-page study guide has been prepared to engage Bible students as they learn of the God who was with Joseph. These lessons may be used for Sunday school, family devotions, small group Bible studies, youth camps, personal Bible study, or for the entire church.

Five of the lessons include:

• The Basics
• One Truth
• A Scene from the Life of Joseph
• Memorize and Meditate…
• Journeying with Joseph
• Next Steps on My Journey
• Ask and Answer

This study guide also includes a BONUS sixth lesson on Lasting Lessons From The Life of Joseph. Additionally, there is bonus teaching and devotional material on learning to live in the presence of God, as you walk through Scripture.