prodigal son

The account of the Prodigal Son demonstrates the insanity of sin and this world.

6 Reasons the World Is Getting More Insane

6 Reasons the World Is Getting More Insane…And Why It Will Continue Have you noticed in recent days the tragic loss of logic? Relativism has eaten away at the foundation...
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My Favorite Bible Story & Our New Podcast Study

Do you have a favorite portion of Scripture? Keith Kiser, one of my early Bible teachers, used to say that his favorite Scripture was whatever portion he was studying at...
Arched Milky Way over the mountain dirt road in summer. Beautiful night landscape with starry sky, milky way arch, trail in mountain village, hills, green grass and purple flowers. Space and galaxy

Acres of Diamonds

When I was thirteen years old an elderly preacher in the mountains of West Virginia gave me a book.  It was old and dusty.  There were no pictures and at...