3 Days I Never Want to Forget March 21, 2013

Every day is a precious gift from God.  Even difficult days are reminders of God’s mercy and grace.  I have enjoyed some wonderful days along the journey.  June 13, 1997 was a great day.  It was the day I married my best friend.  (It was Friday the 13th, proving that good things do happen on that day!)  I remember well the days that our three children were born.  Amazing days!

Christian people should seek to make the most of every day.  There are three days that I remind myself of often – three days I never want to forget.  Thinking about these days helps me to make the most of this day.

1.  I never want to forget the day Jesus died for me.

Nothing puts life in perspective like a visit to Calvary.  When I find myself growing cold and indifferent, I spend a few moments pondering the day that Christ provided my salvation.  Just before that day Jesus spent some time in the upper room with his disciples.  They celebrated the last passover and the first memorial supper.  When they were through, the Bible says that they sang a hymn before walking to the Garden of Gethsemane.  According to Jewish tradition, they would have sung Psalm 118 after the passover observance.  On Christ’s most difficult day He sang, “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps. 118:24).

For a believer, every day is a good day.  Every day that I am not in hell is better than I deserve.  Read the Gospel records about the day of Christ’s sacrifice (and the rest of the story three days later!) and it will keep your heart tender toward Him today.

2.  I never want to forget the day I trusted Jesus as my personal Saviour.

It has been over thirty years since the greatest day of my life.  Every good thing in life has come as a result of that one day.  On that Wednesday I learned the bad news about my sin and the good news about how how my sin could be forgiven.  I entered into new life – eternal life – in a moment of time.

Some days seem so complicated.  Life grows increasingly complex.  It is then that we must go back and remember.  Only the simplicity of Christ cuts through the debris of life.  Salvation is more than an event; more than an experience.  It is the beginning of a real relationship with the Creator God of the universe!  This truth puts everything else into perspective.

Simon Peter learned the power of memory.  Repeatedly he wrote that we must keep ourselves stirred up by remembering the wonderful truth of Christ (2 Peter 1:12, 15, 3:1).  Take a few moments and rehearse the day of your salvation.  Better yet, share it with someone else.  It will make today more meaningful.

3.  I never want to forget the day Jesus is coming back.

This is just as real as day as the first two.  And today could be the day!  Few things are as motivating and encouraging as remembering that at any moment I could see my Lord face to face.  This is the only day that will excel the day of my salvation – the day that my salvation becomes sight.

The greatest days of my life are all connected to Jesus.  The problem is that our days are so busy, so hectic, that we rarely stop long enough to ponder these three great days.  What will keep us from forgetting?

Here is the answer.  Set aside some time every day to read God’s Word and pray.  Commune with Him.  Enjoy His presence.  As you do it will be easier to remember these three days…and it will help you to make every day count for eternity.

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