40 Days Of Prayer April 4, 2019


Every day should be a day of prayer, but it is a good thing to set aside specific seasons to give yourself to concentrated prayer. Extended periods of prayer help us to both consecrate ourselves and concentrate our petitions. In Scripture the number 40 is often associated with a season of proving or testing…

The worldwide flood lasted for 40 days and nights. Moses was on the backside of the desert for 40 years. God would also meet with him on Mt. Sinai for 40 days. The children of Israel spied out the land for 40 days and then spent 40 subsequent years in the wilderness. Goliath taunted the army of God for 40 days. Elijah went for 40 days without food and water at God’s direction. Ezekiel was asked to lay on his right side for 40 days as an object lesson to God’s people. Jonah prophesied to Ninevah for 40 days. The Lord Jesus spent 40 days being tempted of the devil in the wilderness. He would also spend 40 days with His disciples after His resurrection.

What if we set aside 40 days to seek God?

Today we are beginning 40 days of prayer leading up to our annual WVGrads Baccalaureate service on May 12. Below is the 40 Days Prayer List that our people are using. We would love to have you join us in these specific prayers. God may lead you to adapt this for something the Lord has given you to do.

  • Favor with school administrators
  • Prepared hearts in the young people
  • Families to be helped
  • Open doors in the school assemblies promoting the event
  • Christian young people to be stirred
  • Souls to be saved
  • Financial provision to meet every need
  • School teachers and coaches to be engaged
  • Spiritual awakening on every middle school and high school campus
  • Wisdom for those leading the service
  • Radio promotion to be widely heard 
  • God’s power on the preacher
  • Spiritual help for every person who participates in the program
  • God’s touch on the music
  • Teens for Christ Clubs currently meeting in schools & new ones to begin
  • High school seniors to find direction for their lives
  • The Lord to call young people into His service
  • Blessings on every financial sponsor
  • Young people and their families to register
  • Boldness for those giving their testimony
  • A spirit of prayer to be in every part of the effort
  • God’s guidance for every detail
  • Safety for all who come
  • A good crowd at the event to hear God’s Word
  • The gospel to be given clearly 
  • Liberty for the Holy Spirit to work
  • Our faith to be increased
  • Local churches to do their part
  • Good weather for the evening of the meeting
  • Clarity as the gospel invitation is given
  • God to bind Satan and remove all distractions
  • All present would sense the presence of God
  • Believers would be challenged to take the next step
  • More laborers
  • Jesus Christ to be glorified in all things
  • Final invitations being given would be well received
  • God to use me leading up to the event and at the service to minister to someone
  • Fruit that remains
  • Our church to advance through this work
  • Revival in our area

Pray every day and set aside days to pray! Our God declared, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not” (Jeremiah 33:3). Pray definite prayers in faith and expect the Lord to answer.

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  1. Delbert Hawley on April 4, 2019 at 1:33 PM

    Oh Brother Scott, nothing in my life is more needful than taking time to pray. in prayer we lay hold on the most powerful resource known to man. Thank You Brother for this reminder and I will commit to praying for this list of needs.

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