Reading is not just for information! It can be a healthy habit and constructive distraction for busy people. While I spend much of my reading time in research and study I have learned that keeping some “light” reading nearby is good for me. My favorite books for pleasure reading are usually biographies or something on Presidential history.

Here are a few books that I have been reading just for fun during my down times…

Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly (I have always enjoyed reading about Lincoln and that era of American history. This book is extremely interesting and I think the best of O’Reilly’s series.)

Unbroken by Laura Hildebrand (This is a powerful book! Hildebrand records the dramatic story of WWII hero Louie Zamperini’s plane crash, survival, imprisonment, and rescue. It means even more to me to discover how Zamperini came to faith in Jesus Christ later in life. If you like this kind of book I would also recommend Endurance – Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing. Another amazing story.)

Mondays with My Old Pastor by Jose Luis Navajo (I was greatly blessed by this little known book. It is the story of a young pastor who found help during a season of weariness from the wisdom of his eighty-three-year-old pastor. Well written and heart searching.)

How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins (Sounds like “fun” reading, right? Collins has written a number of well known business books. This book examines healthy and unhealthy companies and discusses how to stop the natural tendency toward decline. Thought provoking for life and people in any line of work.)

The Ollie Chandler Collection by Randy Alcorn (Alcorn’s writings always have substance. This set is actually a collection of 3 books: Deadline, Dominion, Deception. They are detective based novels that teach great truth through creative storytelling. For many years I ignored fiction but have come to believe that reading fiction is good for continuing to develop the imagination. These books are enjoyable.)

What are some books you would recommend to others?

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