Much of my ministry has been connected to young people. It was my privilege to serve for many years as a church youth director. I enjoyed teaching youth ministry at a college level and continue to enjoy working with camps and youth conferences. The most important “youth ministry” I have been part of is having teenagers of our own!

I wish that there were many books that I felt comfortable recommending on youth ministry. Far too much that is written is man-centered and felt-needs oriented. We must always begin with God’s truth and then make the application to people of every age.

Here are a few books that provide a variety of helps for young people and those who work with them:

Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp (This book provides a biblical guide to parenting teens. God gave children to their parents – not to the youth group or school. It is our responsibility to help guide them to God.)

Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer (Have you wondered why so many young people graduate from high school and never return to church? This book answers that question and makes us think about what we are putting into the hearts and minds of our children at an early age.)

The Disconnected Generation by Josh McDowell (McDowell’s resources are helpful to parents and youth workers. In this book he explains how the most connected generation in history has become the most disconnected. It is a call for relational connection with our young people.)

Back to the Heart of Youth Work by Dewey M. Bertolini (I have shelves full of books on youth ministry. Most are the same. This one is different. It examines different aspects of youth ministry from a truly biblical perspective. Through the years this book stood out to me and I would recommend that you find a copy of it for yourself.)

For Christ and the University by Keith and Gladys Hunt (One of the most neglected mission fields in the world is the secular college campus. This book reveals through history how some of the greatest revivals sparked among young people in universities. It lit a fire in me twenty-five years ago to reach students for Christ and I hope it will do the same for you.)

If you could recommend one book for young people or those who want to help them, what would it be?

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