We live each day between two extremes. On one hand we fight the danger of idleness; on the other, the danger of busyness. Someone once said, “It is not so much how busy you are, but why you are so busy. The bee is praised, the mosquito is swatted!” And so we daily try to find the balance between pace and purpose.

It is interesting that in both the life that is too busy and the life that is too idle there is a common thread: boredom. Idle people are bored because they do not have enough to do. Busy people are bored because they are weary with what they are doing. In fact, busy people are sometimes the most bored people. That’s why they are so busy! Always searching for something to fill the void.

Every parent has heard the sigh of a child, “I’m bored!” As annoying as it may be, we must confess that all of us have some of that restlessness. It is restlessness rooted in our sin nature. It is a seed of discontent and the first step to destruction.

When you are tempted to boredom, remember these truths:

  1. Much of God’s extraordinary work is done in the ordinary of life. Refuse to allow the lie of the devil to take hold in you. You are not missing out. God does much of His greatest work in silence. Wait and see.
  2. Stop expecting others to break the boredom in your life. No human being can live up to that expectation. One sinner can never complete another sinner – only Jesus can do that.
  3. Don’t add another distraction. One more thing to fill your time and thoughts will not deal with the root problem. Silence is good. Quiet is necessary. That is where God speaks.
  4. Slow down and enjoy the simple blessings of life. Take a walk. Listen to the birds sing. Lay in the grass and look at the stars. The gift of life is all around you! Gratefully enjoy what God has graciously provided.
  5. Give more time to your family. You don’t always have to be going somewhere or doing something “exciting.” Have a real family dinner. Sit and talk. Do nothing…together. Enjoy the moments that will all too soon be gone.
  6. Guard your thoughts. Down time is dangerous. Bored people are often susceptible to Satanic suggestion or at the very least fleshly impulses. I once heard it said that many people get into trouble because they do not have enough to do. Fill your mind with the Word of God and meditate on His goodness.
  7. Concentrate on the adventure of walking with God. There is nothing more exciting than communing with the Creator of the universe! Nothing more thrilling than working with Him to accomplish His purpose in the world. Pursue Christ and serve Him with all of your heart. You will never get bored with Him!

Boredom is an illusion. It is the grandiose idea and devilish lie that if we just had better circumstances we would be happy. Eden is proof that even living in paradise would not make a better life. You don’t need one more thing to make you complete…you just need to stay close to God.

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