A Gift for Giving Tuesday December 1, 2020


Yesterday was the day that Americans spent all of their money online and today is the day they are encouraged to give whatever they have left over to worthy causes! All joking aside, I think Giving Tuesday is a good thing. God’s people are taught the principles of giving throughout the Word of God and, for believers, they are in effect every day.

It has always been my conviction that no charitable giving should take away from the tithe and offering that believers should give through their local churches. The work of the Lord through your church needs your faithful involvement more now than ever.

As I have read the life and ministry of D.L. Moody it has been encouraging to see how God raised up individuals who came alongside the evangelist to help advance the cause of Christ in that generation. God always has His people and He funds His own work. As a young man I heard Adrian Rogers say, “You can’t take your money with you, but you can send it on ahead! By investing in the only thing that is going into eternity – the souls of men.” May the Lord help us all to invest in souls.

I decided when we went into evangelism that we would not try to raise money for ourselves but would gladly encourage people to give toward gospel work. In the months ahead we look forward to launching several new resources and deeply appreciate those who would like to have a part in the gospel and Bible teaching ministry of Enjoying the Journey.

On this special giving emphasis day we would like to do something to be a blessing to givers. For any gift made today at enjoyingthejourney.org/invest I would like to send you a signed copy of Revival Praying. Perhaps you would like a copy to give as a gift. Please email me at scott@enjoyingthejourney.org with any specific name or greeting you would like in the book and details of where you would like it shipped.

Over the last few weeks we have also attempted to send a copy of Revival Praying to everyone who has made some donation to the work God has given us to do. If you are a supporter and have not yet received the book it may be because we do not have a valid shipping address for you. You can email me at scott@enjoyingthejourney.org with your information and we will get one sent to you. Your investment in the gospel and your prayers are a constant encouragement to us.

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