Several weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking in a pastor’s fellowship where Evangelist Byron Foxx was singing. IMG_0943He has been a real encouragement to me through the years and especially as I have stepped out into evangelism. The Lord is gracious to give us faithful friends in the ministry and Brother Byron is my friend.

That morning he played and sang a new hymn he had recently written. My soul was stirred. I liked it for several reasons…

  1. It is written by a happy Christian and one who is diligently seeking the Lord.
  2. It is written for congregational singing. There is nothing as powerful in church music as whole-hearted congregational singing!
  3. It is written as a declaration of faith in God and is full of Scriptural truth. Each line of the hymn clearly states great doctrine and fulfills the admonition of “teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” (Col. 3:16).
  4. It is written as a prayer. The very title of the hymn is “Speak to Us, We Pray.” Good music leads us into the presence of God. This hymn is meant to be sung from your heart to the Lord.
  5. It is written for revival. Each verse begins with, “God of power, in this hour…” We need a demonstration of the power of God in the hour in which we live!

Now, there is one more reason to like it. For a short time, it is available as a free download from Bible Truth Music! I want to encourage you to get a copy of this wonderful song. (Obtain a copy of the sheet music by clicking here.) Use it in your own devotional time with the Lord and teach it to your people. My prayer is that, as we sing it, God truly will speak to us in power.

I am not a musician. In fact, I think I should stick to preaching! But I am happy that there are still people like Brother Foxx writing good songs for worship. Keep a happy heart and keep a song on your lips…