A New Song – An Eternal Message October 26, 2017

Frequently in my sermons I tell the story of some great Christian hymn. The background to a song often opens up the message in a more meaningful way. I am currently reading Al Smith’s Treasury of Hymn Histories and my heart has been blessed again by the way God works in the hearts of His people and the songs that grow out of those experiences.

Sadly, very few hymns are written today. Even fewer are rooted in Scripture. It is rare and refreshing to hear a new song that is deeply grounded in the truth of God’s Word.

The term “gospel” has come to describe more a style of music than the substance of the song. I believe the word gospel should forever be connected to the unique and unchanging message of Jesus Christ. The only good news is in Him!

Pastor Sexton frequently said that we should sing the same message that we preach. I fear that there are many songs that would never live up to such scrutiny. Yet the test of truth should be applied to sacred music. There is no artistic license when it comes to the message of the gospel.

Recently my friend and fellow evangelist Byron Foxx wrote a beautiful hymn that embodies the message of the gospel. It is in every way a gospel song. Its message centers on the blood of Jesus.

The first verse emphasizes the names and titles of Christ. The second details the death, burial, and resurrection of the Saviour. The third verse is an appeal to sinners.


Brother Foxx has written the hymn in an easy to sing style that will help people to remember the message. And there is nothing quite like heartfelt congregational singing!  It is a joy to help pass it along. I hope you will learn it and teach it to others! You may download the hymn for free here.

God bless you as you sing and share the gospel!

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  1. W. L. Graham on October 26, 2017 at 8:57 AM

    Regarding music, I have heard it preached, “You will never change the hearts of people by giving them more of what they already have!” A great truth in every realm of life!

    Great churches make a point to regularly incorporate the blood of Christ into the congregational singing — not only in the special music!

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