A Prayer at the Door of a New Year December 29, 2023


One of my favorite authors through the years has been F.B. Meyer. His writings have stirred my thinking and warmed my heart. Recently as I browsed through a bookstore, I found the biography of Meyer by W.Y. Fullerton. It has been such a joy to read and I have learned a much about both the man and his ministry.

On the flyleaf of the book was a portion of a prayer that is given in full in chapter thirteen. The words were printed on a card and used in a young people’s meeting to call for full consecration to Christ. Meyer’s prayer was so powerful that I wanted to pass it on. As we stand on the doorway of a new year, let’s determine that all of it will be consecrated to Christ. I would encourage you to read this aloud, on your knees if possible. Make it your own. May this be our prayer…

AS I STAND ON THE DOORWAY OF THIS NEW DAY I come to Thee, most blessed Lord, to renew my vows. My soul lies low in penitence before Thee, as I recall all Thy patience and lovingkindness. I solemnly renounce and put away the evil things which have usurped an unholy supremacy with me—the companionships, books and amusements that have cast a shadow on my hours of fellowship; the sin that so easily besets me; the soft yielding to sloth; the desire to please men rather than Thee, and to succeed in this world rather than to be Thy humble servant. In myself, I cannot keep these resolutions; my will is like a bruised reed. O keep Thou me from unfaithfulness!

IN MY INNER LIFE I desire to be kept absolutely pure and lovely. O Holy and Spotless One, be in me the crystal fountain of purity! O Lamb of God, be in me the source of absolute meekness and humility! O Lover of men, be in me a fire of unwaning and all-subduing tenderness! Make me sensitive to any uncharity.

IN MY HOME LIFE may I be a blessing; a tender comfort when days are full of pain; always thinking of others before myself, and never imposing upon them my private sorrows or moods.

IN MY DAILY CALLING make me diligent in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. May I work not for the wages I may receive, or for advancement, but so as to please Jesus, my Master. May I do all to the glory of God; not with eye-service as pleasing men; but in singleness of heart fearing the Lord. In my use of money, I would not be anxious about the future or hoard for myself. I want to use all things as Thy steward.

IN MY USE OF TIME, HEALTH, AND THE OPPORTUNITIES OF LIFE I desire to act with reverent care; conserving my body as the pure temple of the Holy Ghost; so partaking of recreation that I may better serve Thy purpose in my creation and redemption. Teach me what my talents are, and help me to make the two four and the five ten. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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