A Thought On This Labor Day September 3, 2018

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Men must learn to work. They must also learn to rest. The first mention of rest in Scripture is found in Genesis 2 where it is tied directly to the work of God. Man needs rest that only the Creator can provide.

In our fast paced society we often find it hard to rest. The work is never done. Never enough. This evening we begin The Preacher’s Rest in Hickory, NC. I am excited to share with the preachers who will attend a copy of Vance Havner’s classic book, Rest Awhile.

One brief excerpt from it is so powerful:

Resting for God is as important as working for God. We often do more by doing less. “Come apart,” said the Lord – and if we don’t come apart, we will come apart! God is not interested in our quantity of production but in quality, and frazzled workers can easily spoil their message by their manner.

Lord, teach us to rest in you! To find peace in the only One who does all things well. There is indeed a rest in the midst of work.

Please pray for us and for all who will attend the sessions over the next three days. We look forward to making the material available in the days ahead. If you are near and able to come we would love to have you. You may register at the door. Details are online at thepreachersrest.com.

Wherever you are today I pray that you are enjoying your family, and, most of all, enjoying the Lord!

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