A Tool For Bible Teachers April 27, 2024

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A Tool For Bible Teachers

The best teachers are those who never cease being students. This is especially so when it comes to teachers of God’s Word. Scripture is the inexhaustible mine of God’s infinite truth. It is a thrill to roll up your sleeves, gather your tools, and crawl into the deep treasure trove of the Bible! David expressed this joy when he wrote, “And I will delight myself in thy commandments, which I have loved” (Psalm 119:47).

God has designed the Word to be continually received and relayed. We take it in – and we give it out.

All of us who teach the Word are on the watch for helpful resources. I am happy to share with you a new tool which we pray will be a blessing to many. My own study of the life of Joseph has been a great help to my faith and walk with Christ. Our full-length book, The LORD Was With Joseph, is available in both hardback and digital form, along with a companion study guide for group study. (You may access all of the Joseph series resources, including free downloads and graphics, at enjoyingthejourney.org/Joseph.)

Next week we are releasing a series of videos specifically for Bible teachers on how to teach through the life of Joseph. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch for a new video each evening next week (Monday-Saturday). A brief overview of each lesson is given, along with helpful suggestions for effective teaching. The first video on Monday evening will give a short introduction to the series.

Grab your Bible, the Joseph resources, something to take notes on, and let’s jump into Genesis together! Thank you for studying with us and passing on the truth to others.

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