This past Sunday our oldest daughter, Morgan, turned thirteen.  Is that possible?  Where have the years gone?  Tammy and I are very grateful to God for all of our children…and our teenager.Image

I told someone recently that I have been preaching to teenagers for years, but I never had to take one home at night!  It is different.  I have fewer answers and more questions and I appreciate my parents more every day.

It was Mark Twain who suggested, “When a child turns 12 you should put him in a barrel, nail the lid down and feed him through a knot hole.  When he turns 16, plug the hole.”  Unfortunately, we have not found a Bible verse to support this, yet.

Times like these are times for reflection.  As I have pondered the reality of having a teenage daughter, several thoughts have come to my mind:

1.  If she is getting older, I am getting old.

2.  I need God’s wisdom more than ever.

3.  I do not like teenage boys.

4.  My time to mold her is passing quickly.

It is frightening to realize that Morgan has already lived more years in our home than she has left.  (Yes, we will make her go off to college at some point!)  Every day is a new adventure.  We are enjoying every stage and I want to make it count.

The word teenager did not appear in the dictionary until about 1961.  Before the WWII generation this particular age group was simply referred to as “youths.”  Whether you call them youths or teenagers, their world is in great need.  They have tremendous challenges.  I have always loved teenagers.  Now I love them a little more and pray more personally that God will use me to make a difference in their lives.

If you have already raised your children, please feel free to send me any words of wisdom that you have.  I need all I can get!