How To Help Your Kids Make The Most Of School Days August 15, 2018


All over the country young people are returning to school. Our own children start back this week. New beginnings are a wonderful opportunity to set so many things in motion.

Regardless of what school your children are in, parents are always key to the education of their own children. Little things can make a big difference. What can you do to encourage your children to make the most of every day?

  • Get ready the evening before. One secret to fruitful days is in how the previous evening is spent. Prepare so that the morning hours are not spent in “emergency mode.”
  • Play good music around the house during the morning routine. Encouraging, Christ-honoring music will help everyone’s spirit.
  • Take a Bible verse to claim as a family. The school where our children attend adopts a yearly Scripture. This year’s verse is 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” That will help your faith!
  • Have prayer together as a family. Commit each day to the Lord. Ask the Lord’s blessing on each person by name.
  • Keep conversations positive on the way to school. Speak in faith! Raise expectations. Emphasize good things to your children.
  • Pray for your kids throughout the day. We cannot be with them every moment but God is! Your prayers can go where you cannot. Pray for spiritual protection and good influences on your children.
  • Talk around the dinner table. People tend to open up at such times. Ask questions. Let the kids talk. Speak about the day that is past and what has been learned, but talk about the new day ahead as well.
  • Support school authority. As much as possible maintain a united front with others in authority. Do not criticize and tear down those in leadership to your children – you may just need them to help you with your kids someday!
  • Communicate with your children’s teachers and participate in the school. Children have been given to parents and parents should be actively engaged with those who are helping them teach their children.
  • Encourage another family and other students. Look for ways to be a blessing to others who are in the school. Remember that God gives divine appointments and assignments everywhere.

May God give you and your children the most wonderful school year ever!

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