My Hero Behind the Scenes June 13, 2022

The greatest heroes often work behind the scenes. They labor where others cannot see and carry burdens when no one else knows. I am increasingly convinced that at the judgment seat of Christ many very public people will have to step aside as the real servants are brought to the forefront to receive their crowns.

This is especially true of preachers and preacher’s wives. Ministers live very public lives because of the nature of their calling. They are seen and heard, criticized and complimented, loved and hated.

Yet in the background there is very often a faithful wife who is giving herself to minister to him and to guide the home. If she did not fulfill her work it would make it increasingly difficult for the preacher to fulfill his. Before I was married, my pastor gave me a piece of advice. He said, “Don’t look for an assistant pastor. Look for a wife that you can enjoy coming home to every night. You don’t need someone to ‘carry your tracts’ but someone to spend the rest of your life with.” He was right.

Twenty-five years ago today I married my best friend. Tammy is much quieter by nature than I am. Opposites do attract! Her personality is more relaxed and private than my own, but she is my hero behind the scenes. Her great work has not been done on a platform. It has been done in the raising of our three children and in the constant love and support she gives to me.

She is a better Christian than I am and I am confident will be rewarded one day as such. It has been the joy of my life to make this journey together with her and I look forward to the next twenty-five years if the Lord tarries His coming for us.

Recently I read of the unique relationship between Jonathan Edwards and George Whitfield. They only met once and yet they powerfully affected one another’s lives and ministries. Whitfield preached for Edwards four times one Sunday in 1740 and spent the weekend in the Edward’s home.

Jonathan Edward’s preaching was influenced by Whitfield’s extemporaneous preaching style. Where he had previously read all of his sermons from a detailed manuscript, he sought after their time together to speak more freely from loose notes and the overflow of his heart. Edwards influenced Whitefield as well, but in a different way…

George Whitfield was unmarried at the time that he stayed in the Edward’s home. As he watched the joy of the family, the grace of Mrs. Edwards, and the peacefulness of their home he determined that he too wanted to be married! It was Mrs. Edwards who inspired this in the young evangelist. She was the hero behind the scenes.

And so, on this day, and in recognition of every faithful day that my wife has labored in untold ways, I honor my helpmeet. I love her more than ever and thank God for choosing her for me.

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