It has been a great joy living with Joseph for the last few months. Just think – we will spend eternity with all of these godly Bible characters! The more I have grown to know Joseph the more I have grown to love the God who was faithful to him at every season. He is my God!

The digital version of our new book, The Lord was with Joseph, has been well received. God willing, the hardback edition will be available from the printer next month. You can download your free e-book or pre-order the first printing of the physical book at

Today I am excited to announce that the audio book is now available! I enjoyed the time spent in the studio recording each chapter and sincerely hope you will enjoy listening to the full book…

Listen to a sample on your favorite platform and help us share it with others! If you like the book we would appreciate you leaving a rating and review. I am truly grateful for the team of people who make these projects possible. All of us are praying that the Word of God will help many to know the Lord in a greater way.

Today we also begin our companion podcast series on Enjoying the Journey. Don’t miss the first episode of Living in the Presence of God: Learning from the Life of Joseph. Listen now on your podcast player or at Thank you for making the journey with us as we follow Joseph and pursue the Lord.