New Ministry Contact Information! October 1, 2019

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Yesterday we published our quarterly family newsletter. (If you did not receive it you may read it here.) In it we released some information that I wanted to pass along to others regarding a new ministry phone number.

It is my desire to help as many pastors and churches as possible. At this juncture I need some additional assistance in scheduling and working out details. The Lord is giving us a team of people who want to be a blessing as we move forward.

We now have a dedicated ministry phone number. It is 304.712.9423. From that number you can request to schedule a meeting. Kimberly will be the person who helps to coordinate meeting requests with available weeks. You can also ask questions regarding Enjoying The Journey media. Stephen will respond to any needs related to the podcast, radio program, or resources that are made available. Finally, there will also be a way to connect to me.

Due to the travel and speaking schedule I am not always available immediately but work hard to return messages as soon as possible. We believe this new means of communication will be helpful to many people. As always, people can also write to us at with any questions or requests.

Working on the road, a hotel room for an office, can be a challenge. Every day is different. But, by God’s grace, we want to do all we can to help pastors, churches, and individuals in a timely way. Please pray for us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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