Our February Itinerary January 31, 2020

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As thy days, so shall thy strength be” (Deuteronomy 33:25). These words, given by God to His people, have come to mean more and more to me with the passing of every day. Though we schedule into the future and plan for days ahead we can only live one day at a time. Each day I have divine assignments and for every one of those days I have divine resources.

Many dear friends have told us that they pray for us every day. This means more than you could ever know! It is not just the days of public ministry that matter – every day God is at work and every day we are endeavoring to be engaged in His work. Come see us in February if you can…

Saturday, February 1 – Couples’ Retreat, Gatlinburg, TN, Pastor Justin Pratt

Sunday – Tuesday, February 2-4 – Revival, Calvary Baptist Church, Englewood, FL, Pastor John Boutchia

Friday, February 7 – Spiritual Avalanche Youth Rally, Gateway Baptist Church, Blacksburg, VA, Pastor Scott Souther

Saturday – Tuesday, February 8-11 – Revival, Bible Baptist Church, Pembroke Pines, FL, Pastor Dane Keely

Sunday – Tuesday, February 16-18 – Revival, Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY, Pastor Richard Johnson

Thursday – Saturday, February 20-22 – Faith For The Family Couples’ Retreat, Gatlinburg, TN, Pastor Clarence Sexton

Sunday, February 23 – Morning and Evening Services, Bible Baptist Church, Fort Pierce, FL, Pastor Anthony Aiken

Tuesday, February 25 – Tennessee Independent Baptists For Religious Liberty Conference, Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville, TN, Director Aaron Snodderly

Saturday, February 29 – Cherry Grove Baptist Church Men’s Conference, Held at Harvest Time Christian Academy, Wilkesboro, NC, Pastor Tim McCann

More detail on these and other meetings may be found at enjoyingthejourney.org/calendar or by contacting the host church.

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