Politics, Local Government, and Good Candidates March 8, 2018

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Two months from today is primary election day in West Virginia. While I do not believe that politics is the answer for our nation, I am convinced that believers should not retreat from our political system. God’s people must do their part to be “salt and light” in the world.

Christians should be the best citizens. Those who love truth should be most engaged in the public arena. I am happy that two personal friends are running for election this year in my home state.

Dr. Rollan Roberts is the pastor of Victory Baptist Church and administrator of Victory Baptist Academy in Beaver, WV. Our children have been privileged to be part of this wonderful school and I am grateful for Pastor Robert’s strong stand on vital issues. His heart to help families and strengthen education in West Virginia would be a great asset. He is running for State Senate District 9 (Wyoming, Raleigh, and McDowell counties). You can find more detail at roberts4wvsenate.com.

Dr. Eric Porterfield has been a personal encouragement to me in the work God has called us to do. He has served as a missionary in other parts of the world, but has carried a continued burden for the needs in our own state. Eric is a candidate for House of Delegates District 27. He would be the first blind legislator in the state of West Virginia. You can read more about his vision to “Retake the Mountain State” at ericporterfieldforhouse27.com.

Spiritual men must find their place in local and state government. It is the foundation of our nation’s democracy. I am happy to recommend these two good men. They are men of integrity and conviction. Please pray that God will help them and other believers to use their God-given influence for His glory.

The 2018 mid-term elections across America are important. Do your part to promote righteousness. Vote.

May God help our nation to have leaders who will follow Him!

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