Prayer Help: Use a PRAYER CALENDAR March 14, 2022


Satan hates prayer and will do anything in his power to stop it. Samuel Chadwick observed, “Satan dreads nothing but prayer. His one concern is to keep the saints from praying. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, he mocks our wisdom, but he trembles when we pray.” To make matters more challenging, the world vies for attention and the flesh balks against the discipline of prayer! All of the enemies conspire to keep believers from communion with God.

Good things often become substitutes for prayer – although, in reality, there is no substitute for talking to God! Boredom, busyness, distraction, weariness, and a host of other factors subtly work against a true life of prayer. This is why we must constantly work on ourselves! For me, variety is one of the keys to stability in daily prayer. Prayer must become as natural as breathing and be woven into the fabric of the whole day.

Last week I shared the benefit that taking a prayer walk has been to me. (Read “Prayer Help: Take a PRAYER WALK” here.) This week I would like to encourage you to use a prayer calendar. At the beginning of the year I purchased a small, inexpensive calendar for one purpose. It is not to track appointments; it is to remind me to pray my way through each day.

I must confess that I have never been good with a “prayer list.” Lists quickly become just that – a list that I am reading to God each day. Another religious rut. But when the prayer list starts fresh every day it helps you to see prayer’s connection to every part of your life. In my prayer calendar I am now writing down the names of people I come in contact with and recording specific requests pertinent to that day. In this way it helps me to keep my prayer list current.

With some regularity I go back through previous days and weeks. This helps me to pray for specific needs again that otherwise I would have forgotten. I am also seeing specific answers to prayer and it is wonderful to note those!

Everyone has to find what works best for them. I know there are prayer apps available on mobile devices, but I like carrying a calendar with my Bible and journal as I travel. It has become part of my devotional time and even personally writing the names is a good way for me to truly engage and remember.

Begin to see everyone and everything as a prayer prompter. Turn your work, your relationships, your conversations, all into intercession. Record and pray for:

  • Those you correspond with by phone, email, social media, etc.
  • Those you are scheduled to see.
  • Those you providentially meet through the day.
  • Those God brings to your mind.
  • Those who ask for your prayers.

Pray personally and pray specifically. A dedicated prayer calendar may be a help as you seek to pray your way through life.

Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer” (Romans 12:12).

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