Many years ago someone suggested to me that I make a practice of reading a passage in the book of Proverbs every day.  It is a book of wisdom for living – and I for one need that wisdom!  If you read the chapter that corresponds with the day of the month you can easily stay on schedule and read through all 31 chapters in a month.

A few weeks ago I began a new journey through this powerful book.  I have read the chapters often and memorized many of the verses.  But this trip through Solomon’s proverbs has been different.  I have tried to personalize each verse.

Nothing makes truth personal like prayer – taking it to heart and asking God to search you.  Too many times I have made the mistake of separating my prayers and my time in God’s Word.  I would never have a conversation with any other friend that way.  Conversation is to be two-way communication.  God speaks to me.  I respond.  Bible reading and prayer should be woven together like two friends speaking to one another.

This pattern opens the book of Proverbs in an amazing way.  Every warning turned to prayer for God’s protection.  Every principle given back to God in dedication.  Every promise claimed.  Every reproof made confession of my own sin.  Yes, in some way every proverb is for me.

One additional help has been the use of a journal.  Write down things God speaks to you about.  Record your prayers and petitions.  Take a few moments to linger over each verse and ponder God’s message to you.

Someone has said, “A proverb a day keeps the devil away.”  Not true.  He still comes around.  But a proverb a day, personally applied, will enrich your prayer life and make the wisdom of God alive.  Don’t just read the Proverbs…pray your way through the Proverbs.  It is a journey worth taking.