Preparing for the Go Reach America Campaign March 6, 2017

In two months we will conduct a very special campaign in the Tri-Cities region of Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, Tennessee. 17 sponsoring churches are working together for the purpose of winning souls and training soul winners!

Prayer Rally at Buffalo Ridge in January

The campaign begins at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 3 with an area-wide prayer rally. On Thursday and Friday, May 4-5, at 7 pm revival meetings will be held to stir God’s people to seek the Lord and to seek the salvation of the lost. Saturday, May 6 will include evangelism training at 10 am, afternoon soul winning efforts, and a God Bless America Rally at 5 pm.

A large crowd of believers gathered in prayer to launch this campaign several weeks ago. At noon every day hundreds are praying that God will work in a mighty way! I hope that you will join us in this prayer. (Visit for more information.)

The next important event in preparation for the campaign is a great Choir Rally on Saturday, March 18. Evangelist Byron Foxx will be leading the combined choir and is excited about this meeting for practice and a special time of prayer. Beautiful tickets and posters will also be available for distribution that evening.

The Choir Rally will meet from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the Buffalo Ridge Baptist Church, 197 Suncrest St., Gray, TN 37615.

Children’s and youth choirs will also meet at that time in preparation to sing during the campaign. Childcare for ages 3 and under will be provided.

If you love the Lord and love to sing this is a meeting for you! Bring the entire family or a group from your church and be part of the Choir Rally on March 18!



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