Just this week someone asked me where they should begin in their Bible reading. So many people are looking for a plan or devotional help. Some are looking for a place to get started. Others are looking for a place to start again.

It is easy to allow your devotional life to grow stale. Remember that your soul may grow dry but the Word of God never does – it is perennially fresh! Go back to the Scriptures and you will find that the river still flows!

My suggestion to others in recent days connects to this month’s free resource: REDISCOVER THE PSALMS.

The book of Psalms is God’s devotional book for His chosen people. It is both the Hebrew Hymnbook and a Personal Prayer book. Use God’s devotional book!

In the Psalms you find both prayer and praise. The purpose of the book is to bring every experience into the presence of God. The psalms are expressions of the heart for every experience in life. They have become a great help in my personal worship and devotional time.

Let me suggest a few simple suggestions as you approach each psalm:

  1. Read the psalm slowly. Selah…stop and think about that.
  2. Read the psalm out loud.
  3. Read the psalm as an expression of your own soul.
  4. Read the psalm as a prayer or praise to God.
  5. Read the psalm on your knees. Allow it to lead you to worship.
  6. Read the psalm again. You did not get it all the first time.
  7. Read the psalm as the psalmist wrote it – with a pen in hand! Make your own personal reference list.
  8. Read the title to see if the author attached a particular purpose or background to the psalm. If it is a historical psalm take the time to go back and read the narrative passage for context.
  9. Read each psalm looking for Jesus Christ. You will note that an asterisk has been placed beside the psalms that are most commonly referred to as Messianic. Remember that Christ is on every page!
  10. Read the psalms watching for repetition. This will help you to discover God’s emphasis.

The “Ready Reference for the Psalms” grew out of my own time in this profound and practical book. It is designed to be printed front and back and folded to put in your Bible.

Throughout life we constantly are collecting tools to add to our toolbox. It has been encouraging to hear from friends who have been helped by the free resources we are offering this year. This month’s resource has a very specific purpose: to aid in your personal devotional life.

I hope you will take this guide to the Psalms and make it your own. Then, pass it along to someone else who is trying to find a good place to begin again in their devotional life. May you have the joy of meeting God in His Word today!

Download the Ready Reference to the Psalms.

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