One of the most famous Christmas songs of all time says, “I’ll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams.”  Bing Crosby made it popular but few people today know the background of the song.  The lyrics are written from the perspective of an American soldier stationed overseas during World War II, writing home to his family.

Our Christmas tradition is to make the drive into the mountains of West Virginia at this time of year.  As I write this there is a light snow falling.  The house is full of the laughter of children.  (And I am full of mom’s home cooking!)  There is no place like home for Christmas.

There are many people who cannot be home for Christmas this year, and many reasons.  Here are a few that we must not forget…

  • Remember our military.

While we gather around our tables with loved ones, there are men and women far from home defending our liberty.  Send an email or message to someone who is serving on our behalf.  Don’t forget their families that are across the street.  Show the love of Christ to a parent, a spouse, a child that are making a sacrifice for us.

  • Remember the missionaries.

They are serving on the front lines too.  Faithful gospel workers are living on the front lines of foreign soil.  They would love to be home for Christmas, but that is not always possible.  Breathe a word to God on their behalf.  Send them a Christmas greeting.  Have a part in world evangelism this Christmas!  This is the meaning of “peace on earth, good will toward men.”

  • Remember people who are mourning the passing of loved ones.

For many people this is the first holiday without a loved one.  Things have changed.  A neighbor, a co-worker, a church member needs encouragement.  Make a visit.  Take the time to listen to them reminisce.  Look at pictures.  Talk about Heaven.  Ask the Lord to make you a special blessing to those who are hurting this Christmas.

  • Remember those who are missing from where they should be.

Pray for the prodigals.  Many homes will have an empty chair because of some loved one that is running from God.  A lost son.  A wayward daughter.  A father or mother who has left.  This time of year should prompt us to pray and to seek out those who are separated from God and family because of sin.

The thought of those who cannot be home for Christmas should do more than stir pity.  It should prompt prayer.  Ask God’s blessing on someone who you know will not be home for Christmas and teach others in your home to do the same this year.

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Partner with us in prayer.


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