It has been said that the most beautiful word in the English language is your own name. Even if you don’t care for the name you have been given, it means a great deal when others care enough to use it. Everyone loves to be known. To be acknowledged.

Several months ago I was having a meal in a restaurant with a pastor. The owner of the establishment came by the table to say hello. My friend was a regular and kindly introduced me to the restaurant owner. It was a very brief introduction and our meal went on.

Nearly an hour later as we were leaving I heard a voice behind me, “It was nice to meet you, Scott. I hope you will come again.” I was shocked that the man – whose name I did not remember – bothered to remember mine.

Now you will say that was good business. Indeed it was. But it was more than that. It was good humanity. This man cared enough to remember my name and use it.

I have thought about that incident several times recently. When someone calls you by name it is evidence that they are interested in you. The power of a name remembered.

  • There is a spiritual lesson: God knows you by name! Read Isaiah 43:1 and John 10:3. If everyone forgets you, the Lord always remembers. He loves you. He cares about your life. He wants to speak to you, by name.
  • There is a practical lesson: Work to remember the names of others. My dad has always been very natural at this, but I really have to make an extra effort. Try to use the person’s name as soon as you learn it. Associate their name with something that would make it easy for you to remember. Write it down if necessary. Whatever you do, treat individuals with personal respect and concern. Use their name.

When I am back in that city I intend to go by and visit that same restaurant. I felt at home there. It was not so much the restaurant that impressed me, it was the man who cared enough to get to know me. That is the power of a name remembered.

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