One of the great joys of my life is the privilege to speak to young people.  Recently I was listening to one of our youth workers at the Temple Baptist Church as he taught the Word of God to teenagers.  He was doing a great job and the Lord used him.  He is not a preacher, but he is a fine Christian and a faithful teacher.

As he spoke, I jotted down several things that the Lord has taught me through the years about  teaching young people.  The most important thing is: teach the Bible!  Not stories.  Not your ideas.  Not hot topics.  The Bible.

Do not try to be a youth teacher.  Be a Bible teacher, and God will use you to reach youth.

The second is: never stop being a student.  The best teachers want to be taught themselves. We can all do a better job, and we should.  Here are a few tips that have helped me:

  •   Mark your passages – don’t lose the young people while you are looking for your text.
  •   Give people time to find the Scripture passage.
  •   Ask them to mark their Bibles and write down key ideas.
  •   Be yourself – use a conversational tone.
  •   Use illustrations they understand – The key is variety: stories, object lessons, etc.
  •   Encourage participation when appropriate – have others read, answer questions, etc.
  •   Never embarrass a student.
  •   Maintain eye contact – don’t read your notes.
  •   Major on beliefs and behaviors – teach doctrine but make application.
  •   Don’t ramble – make your point and move on.
  •   Use appropriate humor but never try to be funny. (If you have to try, it isn’t funny!)
  •   Don’t talk down to young people – how you address them, tone, etc.
  •   Leave students with ONE great truth – challenge them to do something with it.
  •   Never try to act or talk like one of the teenagers.
  •   Be brief and be a good steward of the time you are given.
  •   Always speak with enthusiasm.
  •   Move around a little as you speak.
  •   Avoid religious jargon – define Bible terms.
  •   Don’t call attention to time constraints, distractions, etc.
  •   Speak from your heart but be careful not to talk too much about yourself.

If you would like to listen to a lecture I gave recently on “A New Beginning for Teen Sunday School” go to

May God use you as you continue to reach and teach Teens For Christ.

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