Travel with Us through the Land of the Bible November 29, 2022


This week we will walk where Jesus walked. My first immersion into Bible geography came during a three day stop in Egypt soon after I graduated from college. Standing at the Pyramids and floating down the Nile caused the stories of Joseph, Moses, and the children of Israel to come alive.

Twenty years ago I had the privilege to be in Jordan. Surrounded by immense rock walls in the ancient city of Petra the message of Obadiah and those “that dwellest in the clefts of the rock” opened up to me. We stood with Moses on Mt. Nebo and looked over into the Promised Land. Watching Bedouin people in that barren wilderness helped me to imagine the nomadic movements of Abraham and his descendants.

As you step into the land of the Bible you step afresh into Scripture itself. While we cannot travel to each place mentioned in God’s Word, we can seek to acquaint ourselves with the significance of Bible locations and the people who lived there. An understanding of geography is one part of discovering the culture and context of the biblical text.

God willing, we will be touring Israel for the next several days…and we would like you to go with us! A wonderful group is traveling with us in person, but with the aid of technology we want to invite you to come along.

Each day our helpers plan to post pictures, videos, and highlights from a variety of sites on two of our social media platforms. If you would like to follow along you may subscribe to my Instagram (@cspauley) or our ministry Facebook page (DrScottPauley). 

Come and go with us this week! We appreciate your prayers and look forward to sharing Biblical insights along the way. I hope you will enjoy the journey…

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