Last month we made available for the first time a devotional plan on the YouVersion Bible App. “Which Way Do We Go?” is a fifteen day study on discerning the will of God along the journey of life. Thousands of people subscribed to the plan and we have heard so many wonderful reports from people who were helped by it. 

Each month we hope to offer additional Enjoying the Journey plans that feature a daily Bible reading, a brief devotional thought, and a ten minute audio episode. Perhaps you would like to join many others in using this app as an aid to your daily devotional time. Technology can be a distraction or it can be a tool to be used. Like any other daily discipline, each person will have to decide for themselves.

A new 5 day plan is now available that we pray will be a help to young people, parents, and all who want to reach another generation for Christ. Truth for Youth examines a number of key Scripture passages from both the Old and New Testaments and seeks to apply God’s truth to youth.

Click here to access the Truth for Youth plan and subscribe.

Truth endures to every generation (Psalm 100:5), and God’s people must be true to the truth. In a world of lies there is nothing that young people need more than the certainty of the Word of God. It is our responsibility to know the truth, teach it, and lead them to make it a part of their lives. 

Young people are hurting right now…searching for answers…wondering about their future. This is the moment to help them discover the help and hope found only in the unchanging truth of the eternal God. Recommend the plan to the young people in your life. You may want to go through it with them and use it as a springboard for more discussion about spiritual matters.

May God use His Word and all of us who believe it to provide Truth for Youth!

(Watch for another plan later this month.)

Enjoying the Journey

Enjoying the Journey exists to evangelize the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, encourage pastors and local churches, and equip believers to walk with God and serve Him each day. Through audio, video, and print resources we are seeking to preach the gospel, teach the Word of God, and reach this generation for Christ.

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Partner with us in prayer.

Partner with us in prayer.


I will join you in prayer for a spiritual awakening among God's people and the advancement of the gospel.

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