Tuesday’s Thanksgiving Thought: “God’s Greatest Provision” November 21, 2017


Over the last few days we have been building a list in our home. We live by lists! Grocery lists, to do lists, special event lists. This one is different. It is a “thanks list.”

Every week this month each of us have written down one thing for which we are grateful to God. The list hangs in our kitchen where every one can see it and be reminded of the Lord’s goodness to us. A wide variety of items and people are on our list this year.

No doubt many of you have made such a list or will sometime this week. (To download the Thanksgiving list template we are using with our family click here.) It is a good exercise for your spirit!

One thing should top the list. It is God’s greatest provision: eternal life through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

  • I am mighty grateful for food, clothing, a house to live in – these are provisions for my body.
  • I am more grateful for family and friends – these are provisions for my soul.
  • I am most grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ – this is provision for my spirit.

God’s greatest provision is not for my health or pleasure…it is for my sin. Apart from this provision nothing else would matter. All would be lost. I would be lost.

A true thanksgiving list has no end. It grows every day! But a thanksgiving list should have a beginning – our greatest need was for a Savior, His greatest provision was Jesus.

Be sure that this is on your list this year! You may call it #1. You may call it the bottom line. It is on a list by itself. Thank God for salvation.

If you do not know the joy of having your sins forgiven, call upon Christ now and ask Him to save you.

If you know the reality of salvation, pause right now and thank Him. Share the blessing of Christ with someone else this week! He is God’s greatest provision.

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