One phrase from God’s Word characterizes Caleb’s life: “he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel.” (Joshua 14:14) What an example for us to follow! Caleb’s life serves as a challenge for every believer to be in wholehearted, lifelong pursuit of God. Age did not hold Caleb back, disappointments from others did not distract him, and the conquest of Canaan did not frighten him. What a testimony!

Here are a few takeaways from meditating on Caleb’s life:

  • We will grow older, but we must also grow spiritually as a believer. We must have an enlarging passion for the Lord and a deeper surrender to the Lord and His work.
  • As we get older, there are still mountains to claim and conquer. We must not die before we die. Some give up, throw in the towel and lose heart just before the finish line.
  • Opportunities to serve will have obstacles. Some things in life can only be learned through struggles, not through studying. Someone has well said, “Smooth seas don’t make skillful sailors.
  • Remember the inheritance that you have in Christ. The future is bright my friend because Jesus is my Saviour! Heaven is not just a destination— it’s a motivation. Caleb remembered his inheritance, let us remember ours.

So where are the Calebs in our generation? Right before us; they are in our homes, Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools, youth rallies, and Christian camps. People don’t typically rise above their leaders. Therefore, it’s time to take inventory and make sure we don’t have the opposite spirit and attitude of Caleb. The opposite is to be trivial, flippant, careless, superficial, halfhearted, uncommitted, and just simply unserious about God. The summarization of Caleb’s life is attractive and contagious, while the other is repulsive and frustrating.

Examine, don’t compare, and make sure half-heartedness is not even a consideration. Apathetic, lukewarm followers of Jesus do not glorify Jesus Christ. Our Saviour is worthy of absolute surrender and full commitment.