Why Everyone Needs Some Time Away June 15, 2019


Call it a vacation, a holiday, a sabbatical…whatever you call it, at some point everyone needs it! We were made to work and God made us to rest as well. It is the pause that gives strength for the next advance.

We have just returned from a few days away with our family and I was reminded during these days how beneficial such times can be. You do not have to go far or spend great sums of money to make it profitable. Here is why everyone needs some time away…

  1. Your family needs it. Even if you feel like you don’t, remember that your spouse and children need dedicated time with you. (For the record, you need it too!) Special memories are made and relationships are strengthened during these days.
  2. Your body needs it. Rest is essential and nothing to be ashamed of. Some men seem to delight in “never taking a day off.” Obviously the Creator didn’t feel that way (Genesis 2:2). No man is too important to be away for a day and no work is made better without rest.
  3. Your mind needs it. The stress, strain, and struggle of life and the busy society around us requires that even the strongest men take a break. You can only stretch the cord so long before it breaks. Use this time to feed your mind and clear your thinking.
  4. Your soul needs it. Time away can be time alone with God. “Vacation” is not an excuse to run to the world but to hide in the Lord. Whatever you choose to do make time to commune with Christ and to renew your spiritual strength.

I make no apology for taking time with my family to rest. In fact, I would like to recommend it to you! We all need it, and, by God’s grace, will be better for it. Remember that its not just you – others around you need someone who has been refreshed and is ready to minister. Take some time away and you will come back ready for what God has given you to do.

Read a few suggestions for making the most of the family vacation here.

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  1. W. L. Graham on June 15, 2019 at 7:39 PM

    Great relevance! Just the other week in VBS, from Luke 2:52, I attempted to convey to the teenagers the truth of the four parts of man: Mental; physical; spiritual; and, social. Interestingly, once again, I saw within your post that these four parts of man are visible: Social; physical; mental; and, spiritual. In VBS the teens were taught that, like the fours tires of a car, if any of the four tires become flat the whole car becomes useless! What we find in today’s world/church is everyone paying attention to three of the ‘tires’, but allowing the spiritual ‘tire’ –the most important ‘tire’!– to go flat. Hence, a wasted life! [Rather Interesting, in II Timothy 4:9-13 we find Paul referencing those four parts of man, too!]

  2. Pastor Delbert Hawley on June 18, 2019 at 10:01 AM

    Oh Brother Scott, this is so good and much needed in my life and ministry.

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