Today is a day for rest and reflection after a very busy week.  We have just concluded our annual Baptist Friends Conference.  This is always a special time of reunion with friends and wonderful preaching.  This year was special.

I cannot remember a meeting where the Lord’s presence was so strong.  Day after day and message after message the Holy Spirit worked in our hearts.  It was a deep work – convicting, searching, teaching.  God was among us.

As I have thought on what made this year’s conference so special, one thought seems to keep surfacing.  It was all about the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was not the preachers.  This conference was not a preaching competition or a platform to show off gifts.  In fact, there was a humility and brokenness that was evident.

Each year Pastor Sexton gives several gifts to those who register.  One of the gifts this year was a republished book – the book that changed Lee Roberson’s life.  The book, When Did You Die?, by B. McCall Barbour explains the wonderful secret of death to self and the life of the Holy Spirit in us.  In an amazing way this principle seemed to surface every day in the preaching and prayer meetings.  Like a golden cord woven by the Holy Spirit throughout the week, we were constantly reminded that we are nothing and Christ is everything.

It is Jesus that has made this week so special.  He said if He was lifted up He would draw all men to Himself (John 12:32).  When He is lifted up, He draws!

I wish you could have been here this week.  We believe this is just the beginning of much more that our Lord desires to do for His glory in this world.  Please help us pray for a great advance of truth, friendship, and world evangelism.

You may watch highlights from Baptist Friends at  Order your own copy of the book that changed Lee Roberson’s life at