Gospel literature is one means of communicating the message of Christ to great numbers of people one at a time. Imagine how many people could be reached if every believer simply carried tracts and gave them out as they went about their normal routines! The power of the literature is not in the words of men, but in getting the Word of God into the hands and hearts of those who may not otherwise receive it.

  • Tracts remind the believer to be soul conscious. Just carrying gospel literature encourages us to think of eternal things. We must live like followers of Jesus if we intend to share Him. We must constantly be on the lookout for people who need a Christian witness. Beginning each day with a handful of gospel tracts helps us to consider the Lord’s business as our most important work.
  • Tracts open doors for gospel conversations. Last night a man who I had little conversation with took a tract from me on an airplane. Without a word he read all of it. When he finished he began to tell me his background and where he is spiritually. The literature opens the door for much more!
  • Tracts stay when you leave. Very often there is only a brief moment to give a word for Christ. All eternity may rest on that moment! When you give a clearly written gospel explanation the person has the opportunity to read more and consider more carefully their need of a Saviour. We may meet many at the feet of Jesus who we saw only briefly here on earth!
  • Tracts go where you cannot. A gospel piece may end up in many places and be read by many people. We never know what the end result of one witness may be. Sow as much gospel seed as you can and believe that God will give the increase.

Grab a stack of gospel tracts from your local church this week and try to give some out each day. Jesus told His disciples, “And as ye go, preach…” (Matthew 10:7). It is more than going on visitation or going to a mission field – it is letting the gospel go everywhere you go.

The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it” (Psalm 68:11).

If you are looking for a gospel tract you may be interested in one that I wrote recently and am currently using. More information is available here.

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