3 Lists You Should Make Today May 23, 2020


We live by lists! Grocery lists, to do lists, lists to keep up with our lists. At this particular time in our world people are more reflective. God has providentially allowed us to have time to meditate and ponder what is truly important. The question is: will we remember what we are learning?

Someone said that a short pencil is better than a long memory. It is so easy to forget what God is impressing on our minds. I learned as a student in college that if I intended to take action on something or share it with others then first I had to write it down.

After our Lord’s miracle of feeding the five thousand He had the disciples to “Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost” (John 6:12). There was a message in the leftovers! Every thing God does has lasting substance for our lives. He wastes nothing. This is why I write in a journal (and encourage others to do the same!) – I don’t want anything the Lord is doing in me or saying to me to be lost.

Let me encourage you to make 3 lists right now:

  1. A praise list. Start with gratitude and you will be able to continue in faith. Do not sit around thinking about what has been lost or how things did not turn out the way you hoped. Instead, meditate on the goodness of God and the great blessings He loads us with every day (Psalm 68:19). Recently in my journal I started a new list of “Praise in the Pandemic.” My heart was helped and my faith was increased just thinking about specific things God is doing.
  2. A prayer list. Prayer lists cannot be stagnant. It is not enough to make one; we should constantly be adding to it and marking answers to prayer. Create a new list. The crisis in our world should reorder our priorities. How should we pray for our nation? How much time are we giving to praying for lost souls and for revival? How can you pray for your church?
  3. A principles list. Identify Bible truths that the Holy Spirit is teaching you. Make a list of verses that have been a personal blessing and challenge to you. If we come out of this season different, more of what God desires us to be, it will be because we gave attention to definite areas where God is speaking to us.

Well, enough of me writing. It’s your turn. Grab a pen and begin your lists. Talk to God as you do and you will find that He is talking to you.

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  1. Leslie on May 23, 2020 at 3:30 PM

    Keeping a journal greatly impacted my quiet time with the Lord. I highly recommend it as well!

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