It is a strange day. I can’t get use to seeing everyone in masks. The last few days I have been flying frequently and wearing my mandatory mask in airports and planes. The arguments for and against range from medical to political, from governmental to personal. It is not my purpose to stir that debate, but to remind believers of some things the mask must not change…

  1. You are not anonymous. Funny, isn’t it? How easily people begin to act like they are “hidden.” Mask or no mask, you are a follower of Jesus Christ and should exemplify His character through every interaction you have with others. We are to be the same in private as we are in public, the same when wearing a mask as when we are more easily recognized.
  2. People can hear a smile. Don’t lose your smile and pleasantness behind a mask! Many years ago I had a job where all of my work was done by phone. In our training we learned that you can actually hear a smile. Be nice. Everybody is having a difficult time with something today.
  3. Nothing should stop the gospel. I stood looking at the masses of masked people in the airport and thought how much more difficult it seemed to engage others in conversation. But when I got on the plane and sat down next to a 20 year old military man I found a soul that was seeking. Through our masks we had a wonderful conversation about Christ and through our masks we prayed together as he called on Christ for salvation! It was a reminder to me that God is not limited except by our unbelief and disobedience. “The word of God is not bound” (2 Timothy 2:9).

Every person has their opinion, every state is different, and every week seems to bring some adjustment. In this season God’s people must not forget who we are and why we are here. Behind every mask is an eternal soul for whom Jesus died and people are looking for hope more than ever before.

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Partner with us in prayer.


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