Let me begin by saying that I am no song leader! However, I am in meetings every week with people who lead singing and have learned so many things from watching them. As a preacher I can tell you that strong, evangelistic singing is such a help to any meeting, and the greatest singing is congregational singing because it engages everyone! God’s people should be a singing people and someone has to lead them.

Effective song leading is not just about voice quality or technical training. Those things are wonderful but not essential. Recently I watched and listened as a man with little musical training led a congregation of people in the most enthusiastic singing. It was a reminder that, like so many other things in the Christian life and church work, what matters most is not the head but the heart.

I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also” (1 Corinthians 14:15).

Have you ever noticed how many of the psalms of praise were addressed to the “chief musician”? God works through those who lead. Here are four marks of a good song leader:

  1. Worship. Those who would lead others to worship must be true worshippers themselves! I have learned that even in preaching if I will get my own heart in an attitude of worship it makes all of the difference in how I approach giving God’s Word. Enter in to the message of the song and you will be able to lead others.
  2. Joy. The joy of Jesus is contagious! It cannot be hyped and it cannot be hidden. Nothing else will substitute for it, and when it is present it shows on the countenance. Ask the Lord to fill you with the Spirit and give you the beautiful fruit of His joy. Happy hearts lift others.
  3. Enthusiasm. There is nothing quite like a person who is excited about what God has given them to do. Enjoy singing to the Lord and others will as well. Throw all that you have into your service for Christ. Lose yourself and you will find that God uses you to encourage others.
  4. Discernment. Wisdom from the Lord is vital in any work for God. Our knowledge or experience is no substitute for His leading. In music, song selection is so important. Songs should be appropriate, singable, and doctrinally accurate.

The next time your local church meets for corporate worship ask the Lord to help you sing to Him with all of your heart. Perhaps He will even use you to lead others to do the same.

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