2 Tools for Getting the Gospel to Others July 7, 2021


There is no message like the gospel and no time like now to share it with someone! All of us are called to be witnesses for Jesus Christ and every person you see is a candidate for the gospel. My pastor used to say, “You cannot witness to the wrong person.” God loves all people and Christ died for every man. Now, it is our responsibility to get that message to others.

Why do we not see more people saved? It is not that there is a lack of people to reach or any lack at all in the power of the gospel – it is our own sad lack of sharing Christ. Many believers desire to see sinners brought to Christ but they are not sure how they can be used to bring them. Keep it simple…

  1. Use your personal testimony. The most powerful tool you have in witnessing, outside of the Scriptures, is your own story. It is the story of how you came to realize your lost condition, how Christ came to be your Savior, and what the Lord means to you now that you are saved. You don’t have to give a lecture! Simply share your personal experience with Jesus. “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so” (Psalm 107:2).
  2. Use gospel tracts. Printed literature is a good reminder to speak to people you meet and a ready resource to begin a conversation. Carry gospel tracts from your local church and pass them along. I like to say something like, “Could I give you something encouraging to read? It is how Jesus changed my life.” This may open a door for a larger conversation or it may plant a gospel seed, but it is a good starting point in giving a Christian witness. (Read Why You Should Use Gospel Tracts and How To Use Gospel Tracts Effectively.)

Your testimony and a good gospel tract are tools that you can carry with you anywhere! Add them to your “toolbox” and use them this week. Recently I recorded a video message for a local church that was preparing for a great gospel event in their community. In that message I talked more thoroughly about how to use these two tools effectively. You may watch that brief video, “Using Your Testimony and Giving Tracts,” here.

May God use us all to get the gospel out and bring people to Jesus while we can.

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