Over the next six weeks believers will have more opportunities to witness than perhaps at any other time of the year. Even secular people tend to think about spiritual things more during Thanksgiving and Christmas. For believers every day is a gospel day, but some days provide special open doors to unbelievers. We must not miss these times.

How can we all be more effective witnesses?

  • Don’t give a presentation – have a conversation. Speak to others as a real person talking to real people about another real Person! Stiff, formal, religious talks are not effective in reaching the lost. Avoid debate and argument. Simply, kindly tell others about the Lord Jesus Christ. He is enough. (Read more about his here.)
  • Don’t recite facts – tell your story. The truth must be given, but it must be given in a way that demonstrates its power in us. Titus 2:10 says to “adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things.” Show the love of Christ and tell them the goodness of God in your own life.
  • Don’t talk about church – talk about Christ. It is good to invite others to church events, especially ones where they will hear the message of Christ. But we must not stop there. Get to Jesus! Refuse to be detoured or distracted into talking about church when it is Christ alone who can save.
  • Don’t rely on your words – rely on God’s Word. The power is in the Scriptures, not in your power of persuasion. Use the Word and the Word will do the work. If you live in the Scriptures yourself you will always have some text the Holy Spirit can bring to mind.
  • Don’t just talk to others – talk to God. Pray that God will give you some soul to win for Him. Pray over lost people who you know. Pray that you will be filled with the Spirit and ready to be used at any moment.

It could be that the cold, winter season may be the best season of the year for planting the gospel seed, watering it in prayer, and harvesting lost souls. Ask the Lord to make this season fruitful in your life!

May God help all of us to be better witnesses during the final weeks of this year. Someday it will be our last.

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Partner with us in prayer.


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