7 Reminders for Ministry Workers June 23, 2023

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Do you remember why you first got into the Lord’s work? In the early days of our Christian service there was a beautiful humility and sincerity about serving Christ. It truly was a “labour of love” (1 Thessalonians 1:3; Hebrews 6:10). Sadly, for far too many the joy has devolved into a job.

Many in ministry positions have lost the ministry heart. There will always be a “to do” list to finish, but what about our heart for the work of God?

Consider these seven reminders. Please notice that all of them are connected to what we are, and not what we do. Roles and responsibilities will change from time to time, but our passion and purpose must not.

  1. Remember that you are a Christian. This seems very elementary, and yet it is easy to get so consumed with your public work that you neglect your personal walk. Give attention every day to your own spiritual growth and the health of your soul. Guard your heart and keep yourself happy in Jesus. This is your first responsibility.
  2. Remember that you have a ministry at home. None of us are better servants of Christ than who we are in the privacy of our own homes. Shepherd your marriage and children. Bring your family along in the work of the Lord. The family God has given you is your first flock!
  3. Remember that you are a church member. Before you were ever paid to do anything in ministry you were a volunteer church worker. There is no clergy and laity in the work of God. Avoid becoming a “professional” church worker – going through the mechanics and motions without the right motive. Enjoy the church family. Love your pastor and fellowship with God’s people. Set an example to the entire church membership in attendance, joyfulness, giving, and responsiveness.
  4. Remember that you are a minister. First and foremost you are a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ! In His words, our goal should be “not to be ministered unto, but to minister” (Matthew 20:28). Give your best to the Master and be willing to do anything you can to help. Why should those who labor in secular fields be more enthusiastic and committed to their work than we are to His?
  5. Remember that you are a gospel worker. God’s work is preeminently about reaching souls for Christ. Make your first business to witness for Christ, to win some soul for the Lord, and to help disciple new believers. Beware of busying yourself with secondary things and neglecting the thing that matters most for eternity. Ask the Lord to help you reproduce yourself in the life of another!
  6. Remember that you are a helper. Every person who works in ministry, regardless of their position, is there to help the pastor as he leads the church. Encourage the man who shepherds the flock. If you help him you have helped the whole church.
  7. Remember that you are a steward. Your work will not last forever – we all have our time and task. This is a sobering thought. Each of us will stand before God and give an account for the assignment He has given us. We must not waste our ability and opportunity.

Remember who you are and Whose you are. It is the highest privilege in the world to serve Christ and His church! Only as we keep our “first love” can we do the “first works” (Revelation 2:4-5). When your labor grows out of your love, the work is more meaningful and the fruit more lasting.

May God bless and use you wherever you are serving today.

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  1. w. l. graham on June 23, 2023 at 8:10 PM

    Regarding work in, for, and around the church…please allow me to share the following humorous thought: “Many Christians are like blisters; they show up after the work is done.”

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