7 Ways To Use The Daily Podcast January 24, 2019

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Podcasts are a wonderful resource for personal, daily growth. Listening to the faithful teaching of God’s Word has often been used to instruct and inspire me along the way. My prayer for our Enjoying The Journey podcast is that the Lord would use it to help people get into the Word of God for themselves. Nothing should substitute for your own time in the Scriptures!

As I travel I continue to meet people who tell me they are “enjoying the journey” in different ways. Here are a few ideas that have been shared with me by regular listeners:

  • A guide for personal devotions. Don’t just listen; open your Bible and follow along! Go beyond the broadcast to meditate and study the passage more in depth.
  • A resource for the family altar. Listen to the Bible study as a family and then discuss it for the purpose of applying it to each member of the home.
  • A productive use of the daily commute. Use the brief episodes as a way to make your drive to and from school or work profitable.
  • A way to make the most of “down time.” Listen to the podcast as you get ready or as you exercise. Your heart and mind can be engaged with the truth when you go about daily tasks.
  • A tool for witnessing and individual ministry. Ask those you are praying for to listen to an episode and let you know what they think. The study of God’s Word will open conversations about spiritual things.
  • A source of encouragement to others. Along the busy road of life everyone is not enjoying the journey! But the Scriptures bring comfort and joy. The greatest way to help a friend or loved one is to point them to God’s Word. Because of the online platform it can be shared via social media anywhere in the world.
  • A Bible teaching aid. Teach what you are being taught! You may have your Bible study group listen to the brief episode and then study the passage for themselves or you may just use the content as an aid for your own preparation. (You may access the full archive of studies here.)

How are you using the podcast? We would love to hear from you as you study God’s Word. Thanks for listening…enjoy the journey.

A fellow traveler,

Scott Pauley

P.S. If you have not yet subscribed to receive the daily download of Enjoying The Journey you may do so now at enjoyingthejourney.org/broadcast or on any podcast player.

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