Many of you have prayed for us this week as we conducted The Preacher’s Rest in Hickory, NC. The Tabernacle Baptist Church family worked hard to host friends from many places. They demonstrated the love and grace of God in a special way. Nearly one hundred fellow laborers – preachers and their wives – joined us for this first gathering. Most of all, the presence of the Lord was very evident.

Our heart for this meeting was one thing: to minister to the inner man. Healthy ministries grow out of healthy souls. Every preacher who desires to learn more fully the Lord’s work must learn more deeply the Lord’s rest.

What Is This Rest?

It was a joy to study what Scripture teaches on the subject of rest with people who are actively laboring in the greatest work in the world. God’s rest is never laziness and always more than leisure. If we do not learn the soul rest that Christ promised we can never fulfill the work He has called us to do.

D.L. Moody said, “A restless man will never be a very godly man and a godly man will never be a very restless man.” The only people God says never rest are the wicked. Christ’s servants are to rest in “the Lord of the sabbath” (Mark 2:28). We work for the God of rest.

One Message – Many Messengers

In addition to the theme messages the Lord used each speaker to help us. It was wonderful to see how people from different places all brought us back to the same truth: we need the divine enabling that only God can provide. This is the work of the Holy Spirit.

God’s Word and the testimony of faithful people strengthened our faith. The fellowship and seasons of prayer together refreshed our spirits.

A Personal Blessing

One of the most encouraging things for me was the privilege to host the meeting with my dear friend, Pastor Scott Hooks. Scott’s passion to encourage other pastors is obvious. He and Melanie have been an encouragement to me and Tammy for many years. It is thrilling to see how God is using them at this time.

One of our speakers reminded us that even the Apostle Paul did not operate as a “lone ranger” in the Lord’s work. He continually built a team and worked alongside others. We are all co-laborers working for the same Master. We are blessed.

More To Come

Resources from this special meeting will be made available in the days ahead. We look forward to sharing more soon. It is our prayer that God may multiply it to help many who could not attend this year.

The Preacher’s Rest will be held again Monday-Wednesday, September 2-4, 2019. Mark your calendar and plan to join us next year!

Announcements about resources and future meetings will be posted at