A Personal Invitation to CORE 2017 October 30, 2016

One of Satan’s greatest tools is discouragement. I am afraid that many preachers are so disillusioned with the condition of our nation that they wonder if there is anything they can do to make a difference. This is a strategy of the wicked one.

Never has a generation of believers had so much opportunity for the gospel! We must not allow our hope to diminish or our expectation to die. Christ is at work, and we should be too!

There is nothing wrong in this world that the gospel cannot fix, and there is nothing missing in churches that revival could not supply!

Scott Pauley Core 2017

I am very happy to be a part of a special upcoming event, the first ever Conference On Revival and Evangelism (CORE). Revived churches actively evangelizing our land with the gospel is the only true hope of America. This meeting is being conducted to sound that note.

CORE 2017 is being hosted by Pastor Tim Rabon and the wonderful people at the Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC on January 3-5, 2017. It would be such a joy to have you with us. Evangelists Tom Farrell, John Goetsch, Byron Foxx, Dave Young, Lou Rossi and a host of others will be participating. It is an honor to stand with these good men to emphasize the desperate need for revival and evangelism in our generation.

You may register online and find much more information at core2017.com. These three days will be filled with powerful preaching, helpful sessions, and much prayer. Child care is provided and there is some limited opportunity for free housing in the area. All who register will receive a new book on the subject of revival and evangelism.

This is a conference that I am personally looking forward to and praying for. Will you join us in January? It will be a wonderful way to begin a new year in the Lord’s work. I look forward to seeing you at CORE2017.


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