Solomon said, “Of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh” (Ecclesiastes 12:12). This is the life verse of every college student! In fact, each year in the United States alone there are between 600,000 and 1 million books published. We all have a long list of books we need to – intend to – read.

When I write something it is always with a desire to be a help to someone and a prayer that God will use it however He chooses. Recently I wrote a little book on The Need of Our Nation. It is a brief study of two Old Testament passages and two New Testament passages that give eternal truth to those who are burdened for their nation.

Our country is in trouble. Only God can turn the tide. Some group of Christians has to find His burden and believe that He is able. This is the need of our nation.

I am not asking you to read the book. I am asking you to pray your way through the book and then teach it to someone else. You can watch a brief video about it on our YouTube channel and then order your copy of The Need of Our Nation.

Here are a few suggestions for using this revival resource:

  • Look up all of the Scriptures that are referenced throughout the book and mark them in your Bible. There are a host of cross references given for further study. We hope this little book will encourage many to dig further into God’s Book!
  • Divide your study following the main breaks in the book. Don’t rush through the material. Each of the main passages of Scripture studied may be used as a template for a time of prayer. The material is broken into six parts: Shaking Foundations, What Can We Do?, A Patriot’s Prayer, Our First Work, Noah and Lot, and It’s Your Turn. Some of these could easily be divided into multiple sessions.
  • Consider obtaining additional copies to give to others. So many people are troubled about the condition and direction of our country. This is something that you can put into the hands of those you want to encourage.

Following a contentious election year and on the verge of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 we are praying God will use this new tool to stir many to seek the Lord on behalf of our country.

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Partner with us in prayer.


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