The senior year of high school can be both frightening and exciting. I love talking and praying with young people at this stage in life. Following the Lord is a great adventure if you keep your eyes on Him. Here are a few suggestions I like to share with teenagers as they approach graduation and begin the next season of life:

1. Make every decision based on one question:
“Is this the will of God?” (Proverbs 3:5-7)
Refuse to let anyone pressure you into making a decision until you know God is guiding you.

2. Stay close to your family.
– Remember this is a transition for your family too. Family is forever.

3. Develop a more disciplined devotional life than ever before.
– The “structure” of your life is changing.
– The schedule is changing.
– The spiritual overseers will not always be with you.
You need wisdom for every decision.

4. Wait on God’s choice for your life’s mate.
– Keep yourself pure.
– Don’t rush into a relationship.

5. Choose your close friends carefully.

6. Confront the problems in your own life.
– Many people “run” all their life. A change of location is not the answer.

7. Don’t stop seeking counsel.
​- Beware of the “I’m 18 and grown up” mentality! Seek counsel and start with those who have passed this way before.

8. Write down your convictions and the perimeters by which you will make decisions.

9. Stay out of debt.

10. Continue your education. You don’t stop learning now.

11. Stay in church. You never graduate from it.

12. Don’t get anxious. You don’t have to have all the answers. Trust the Lord with your future and enjoy every day with Him.