Announcing A Special Christmas Series! December 1, 2018


Can you believe that it is December? The month ahead will be a busy one for families and church families. We must never allow our schedules to crowd out time in the Scripture. Every day is a day to celebrate our Savior and one of the best ways to do so is to spend time with Him each day.

Beginning Monday on Enjoying The Journey we will study some of the great Scripture texts about the Lord Jesus Christ. It will be a month of Christmas on the podcast! We hope you will join us as we walk through God’s Word and meditate on our wonderful Savior. Each week we will look at a special part of the Christmas message…

  • Week One: “The Names of Jesus” – There is no name like the name of Jesus! Discover the meaning and power of the name of Christ. Learn how to use it in your own life.
  • Week Two: “Christmas Beginnings” – You might be surprised to find the first Christmas messages were given in the Old Testament! Hundreds of years before Bethlehem God was setting His plan in motion.
  • Week Three: “Christ In Christmas” – The message of Christmas is the message of the gospel. Christ came to earth to make a way for man to come to God. It goes far beyond the manger!
  • Week Four: “Christmas Characters” – As you consider the people surrounding the birth of Christ you begin to see the eternal messages God wanted delivered to all people.

I am really excited about these brief studies and pray that the Lord will use them in your heart and home at this special time of year. You may subscribe and listen to the episodes at, or find Enjoying The Journey on your favorite podcast player.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for praying. Thanks for passing it along to others. May you enjoy the most God-blessed Christmas ever!


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