Even among unbelievers Christmas is viewed as a season for miracles. (Think Miracle on 34th Street!) But for those of us who know Christ it is more than that – it is a reminder that we serve a God who works miracles.

Christmas is merely a reminder of who God is every day. He is the miracle working God of the Scriptures.

Every part of Christmas is miraculous…

  • There is the miracle of the incarnation: that God would become a man without ceasing to be God.
  • There is the miracle of the virgin birth: that the Son of God would be born without the aid of any man.
  • There is the miracle of divine providence: that angels, shepherds, stars, and every other detail would be divinely orchestrated to reveal Christ to the world.

And that is just the beginning! Christ Himself is a miracle from start to finish. He came into this world miraculously, He lived miraculously perfect, He worked miracles of all kinds, and He left this world miraculously!

The miracle of Christmas has reminded me of unchanging truths:

  1. That He doesn’t need me.
  2. That I desperately need Him.
  3. That He can do anything He desires.
  4. That He doesn’t always do it the way I think He will.
  5. That I can trust the God of miracles to do whatever will most bring Him glory.

On this day of celebration there are many who need God’s miraculous intervention in some definite area. What they need is not magical – it is spiritual. They need God to do what only God can do.

In the words of Mary, “How shall this be…?’ (Luke 1:34)

The answer has not changed, “The Holy Ghost…the power of the highest” (Luke 1:35).

Read the Christmas story today with an eye on the One behind the curtain. You cannot see Him but He is at work. He is your God and you can trust Him.


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Partner with us in prayer.


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