Everyone is busy this week. Shopping. Eating. Cooking. Eating. Traveling. Eating. Wrapping. Eating. It is easy to forget the things that truly matter in the hurry and haste.

Perhaps you are working feverishly from a Christmas list. Would you add these things to your list this year?

  1. Don’t forget Christ. Remember it is His birth we are celebrating! Spend some quiet time communing with Him each day. Set aside moments for the Word and prayer. Tell Him you love Him and show Him by what you do with your time.
  2. Don’t forget your family. Is that possible at Christmas? Certainly. We can be so distracted doing things for them that we forget to be with them. Be present. Talk. Laugh. Pay attention. Christ came to a humble family and brought such joy that first Christmas. He wants to do the same in our homes this year.
  3. Don’t forget the church. Christ came to give His life for the church. In the hectic schedule of this season do not neglect your local assembly. Attend. Participate. Give. Encourage. Be a blessing to your church family in these days.
  4. Don’t forget the needy. They are everywhere. Hurting souls. Broken hearts. Ask the Lord to give you a divine appointment. Find someone to minister to.
  5. Don’t forget souls. That’s why He came: “To seek and to save that which was lost.” There is no greater season to witness and point people to Jesus! Share your testimony. Give out a piece of gospel literature. Bring someone to hear the truth.

With all of the temporal things on your Christmas list, don’t forget to add the eternal ones this year!