One of the great joys of serving the Lord is watching Him work in ways we could never have planned. Yes, we are “laborers together with God” and He has graciously allowed us to be participants, partners in His mission. But, in the end, all of us recognize that we are just along for the ride. He is doing the work and we are witnesses of it.

Recently I told someone that it has been thrilling to see that the most blessed things I have been privileged to be part of were those things that were not my idea at all! God has a way of doing the unexpected and producing the unexplainable. Only He gets the glory. This is the story behind Revival Praying.

In the good providence of God this year we were able to put in print a book that shares a burden – the burden for revival in our generation and the only way to have it. I am truly grateful to God for how He has blessed this resource. In the first two months we have have seen thousands of copies of the book distributed. Day after day we are hearing from readers testifying of how God is working in their hearts and leading them to participate in revival praying.

For those of you who have read and recommended the book to others, thank you. If you would like to download the digital version for free you may do so from Amazon Kindle or iBooks. To order the hardback edition you may do so here.

I am excited to announce that a Bible Study Companion to the full length book is now available! This 40-page guide has been designed to be used in Sunday school, small group Bible studies, family devotions, or with the entire church in preparation for a revival emphasis.

The five lessons are easy to teach and will encourage students to search the Scriptures for themselves. Each study, taken from Ezra’s revival prayer in Ezra 9, includes:

  • Foundational Truths
  • The Big Idea
  • The Story
  • Key Verse
  • Digging Into God’s Word
  • The Next Step
  • My Homework 

Additional bonus resources in the back of the Bible Study Companion will help engage the student in definite, daily prayer.

This is a critical time in our world. It is my sincere hope that many churches will set aside a month to place an emphasis on prayer. We need divine intervention! Would you consider joining us in a month of Revival Praying?

You can order a copy of the Revival Praying Bible Study Companion or multiple copies in special bulk rates at The guides will be available to be shipped to you the first of September. Faithworks would also be very happy to give discounted bulk rates on the full-length book for your students to obtain. If you have questions or need additional help you may email

The lesson key providing answers and helps for Bible study leaders will be made available for you to download from You will also find teacher overview videos there that will aid in preparation.

Please help us pray for divine favor and a deep work of God in the hearts of His people through this effort.

Visit for more details!